Gallery Setup: Step 1
This is the Gallery system check page. This page will validate your installation to make sure that you have all the necessary components and permissions on this system and that everything is configured reasonably.

Having problems? Try the Gallery Diagnostics Page and the Gallery Help Page

Check to see if you are running PHP 4. Note that some versions of PHP have bugs that cause Gallery to fail. PHP4.0.0 uses a different file upload protocol, versions 4.0.3 and 4.0.3pl1 have a bug in the unserialization code that cause Gallery to be unable to read its own database. Upgrade to at least PHP 4.0.4pl1 if you can.   Success
PHP v5.6.40 is OK

Check to see if PHP is running in Safe Mode. Safe mode is a PHP security feature commonly used in shared environments. Gallery cannot run when safe mode is enabled because it imposes too many restrictions.   Success
safe mode is off

Allow the Gallery .htaccess file to set application specific configuration options for the Gallery application. This is controlled by the webserver owner so it's not always possible for you to change it. The main drawbacks to not having this are that you may not be able to upload files > 2MB (eg, big ZIP files) and you may not be able to use mod_rewrite (see below).   Warning!
Apache is not obeying your .htaccess file. Try entering the following into your web server's httpd.conf file:
<Directory /home/juddspit/public_html/freighterbum/photographs>
	AllowOverride Options FileInfo

Check to see if magic quotes are enabled on your PHP server. If they're on, you may notice strange behaviour if you put ' (single-quote), " (double quote) or \ (backslash) characters in titles or captions in the gallery.   Success
magic quotes are off

Check to see if your webserver is compiled with mod_rewrite. Mod_rewrite allows the Gallery to use shorter URLs that are easier to read and look nicer when you mail them to your web-challenged relatives. It's not an essential feature.   Warning!
Either mod_rewrite is not installed or your .htaccess file is not enabled (see above). Either way, we'll have to use longer URLs in the Gallery. If you want to turn it on I'd suggest that you make sure that your .htaccess file works and then if it still doesn't work you may need to reconfigure and rebuild Apache with this flag:

Check to see if NetPBM is installed so that Gallery can manipulate images (rotate, resize, make thumbnails, etc). You need to have NetPBM or ImageMagick installed.   Success
All 12 NetPBM binaries located

Check to see if ImageMagick is installed so that Gallery can manipulate images (rotate, resize, make thumbnails, etc). You need to have ImageMagick or NetPBM installed.   Success
All 3 ImageMagick binaries located

Check to see if jhead is installed so that Gallery can examine EXIF headers embedded in images created with most digital cameras.   Success
jhead binary located

Your installation has warnings, but life is short so let's GO!